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Killer Portfolio

Killer Portfolio

A carefully curated showcase of the best portfolio websites.
Killer Portfolio Website

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What is Killer Portfolio?

Killer Portfolio is a carefully curated showcase of websites that are effectively designed and superbly curated in appearance, created by Mike Harmer. Each of these websites has been analyzed by the creators of this useful online portfolio tool for designers, through very detailed observations, so that they can help you in improving your personal portfolio.

As you browse through the interface of this truly unique designer tool, you will be able to find plenty of hints and tips to get the right inspiration for your portfolio, so that you too can create something unique and super effective for your career as a professional designer.

Are you working, then, on creating an online portfolio to be ready to best present yourself to your potential clients, but you are not sure if it is an effective portfolio?

Killer Portfolio can definitely help you find the right tips on how to structure a website aimed at showcasing your best design work, your case histories, and your best skills.

Examples of beautifully designed portfolios
Examples of beautifully designed portfolios. Image credits: Killer Portfolio.

Killer Portfolio Main Features

Killer Portfolio is designed to allow all designers to be inspired by a careful selection of the best websites with work portfolio purposes, which have been carefully analyzed, one by one, in dedicated pages where there are very detailed explanations and observations.

The showcase is presented with a very intuitive interface, where you can immediately navigate inside the new projects, directly from the home page.

In each website portfolio, you will find, the main role of this tool is to provide an observation of the work, which is unpacked in the various pages with which the website was made, and with the observations of the creators of the website, directly placed under each image.

A curated showcase of portfolio websites
A curated showcase of portfolio websites. Image credits: Killer Portfolio.

How Killer Portfolio Works

Killer Portfolio is a very simple website that offers a gallery of the best work selected from the website field, and in fact, you can access the entire gallery, divided into categories, by visiting their website.

When you enter one of the works of your choice, you will find a detail page, which will give you the details of who made it along with a button where you can visit the website active and online.

As you scroll through the various pages of the websites listed, you will be able to read the comments in each individual section, which will also help you get accurate feedback on what was done, so you too can implement these helpful suggestions within your own online creative portfolio project!

The site is totally free and worth a thorough look when you are in the process of making your portfolio as a creative, freelancer, or professional designer because you can really get useful tips that will kick-start an effective and assuredly successful website!

Super-effective portfolio websites
Super-effective portfolio websites. Image credits: Killer Portfolio.

More Tools Like Killer Portfolio

If you are looking for an online tool that can effectively help you build a portfolio, then Killer Portfolio is the right gallery for you. With so many of the best projects you can find online, you can be sure that this is an up-to-date and very useful source for getting the information you need.

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably looking for useful tools to build a successful portfolio, or to improve your career as a creative and optimize your time by using software that will improve the quality of your work.

That’s why, in our archive of tools, you can be sure you’ll always find new tools to stay on top of the latest news and trends!

Also, if you want tips, advice, strategies, and resources for the creative world, we suggest you take a tour of our blog, where we publish new content every day to help you in your career growth!

Killer Portfolio
Killer Portfolio
A carefully curated showcase of...


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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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