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Create free animated mockups, videos, and GIFs for social media.
Animockup App 2.0

Table of Contents

What is Animockup

With Animockup, you can create your own free animated mockups. Create animated videos and GIFs for social media, landing pages, Dribbble portfolio, Product Hunt and more.

This web-based app is really a great tool for all mockups enthusiasts and allows you to make any kind of mockup you want, using a simple web interface, thus creating mockups that are not only beautiful to look at but also animated, perfect for any kind of portfolio, such as your social channel or your Dribbble account.

A perfect tool for all designers and creatives who want to give a touch of animation to their portfolios and works to present to clients or potential collaborators. With Animockup, you can say goodbye to the static portfolio, and welcome animated work that gives movement to your design!

Create free animated Mockups
Create free animated Mockups. Image credits: Animockup.

Animockup Main Features

Animockup is free software that you can use directly online by logging in. This software provides you with an entire interface with which to get started right away with your work, without even the need to create an account. Created by Alyssa X, a designer, entrepreneur, and developer, this tool is really full of interesting features, such as:

  • A large collection of devices from which to start
  • Ability to insert your own file with drag-and-drop
  • Change the background color using various gradients
  • Select various animation previews
  • Preview the result, before downloading

If you plan to give your design project a boost, or your presentation for a client or portfolio, Animockup is the right software for your needs, we suggest you try it out and preview your next successful animated mockup!

Animated mockup for social media
Animated mockup for social media. Image credits: Animockup.

How Animockup Works

Animockup is free and very easy to use. Once you log in to the platform, without the need to create an account, you can go directly into the app, and start with a new project right away.

From the side menu, choose the device on which you want to place your screenshot, and then upload your design by simple drag-and-drop, so you can immediately see a preview of how the final result comes out, with your design placed inside the selected device.

Change the color of the gradient you want to use as the background of your final design, and then select the type of animation you want to use your choice of fade or scale, at the beginning and end of the animation, plus the duration of the animation of the selected element.

You can click on the “Start” button to immediately preview the animation you create, without having to download the file, and you can also select the size of the file to download, according to your needs. From the menu at the top, in fact, you simply choose which format you need, such as a Twitter banner or a square Instagram post, and you’re done!

Finally, click on “Preview & Download” and you can simply finish by selecting the framerate and export quality of the video. Once you’ve completed these simple steps, you’ll have your file directly on your computer, ready for posting to your favorite social channels!

Free animated mockup for design portfolio
Free animated mockup for design portfolio. Image credits: Animockup.

More Tools Like Animockup

Animockup is definitely a very interesting tool if you want to create animated mockups in a few simple steps, for your Dribbble, Product Hunt and Behance social channels or profile.

If you want to explore the world of mockups, and find always new updated tools to create your designs more and more attractive and professional, then we recommend you to visit our tools archive, where we also have for you a wide selection of mockups & kits for designers and creatives.

If you are passionate about design and creativity, and you want to improve your design career, or you are about to start a career in this amazing creative world, and you need tips on how to deal with major challenges in the freelance world, then our blog is the right place for you! Check out our constantly updated articles with the latest tips and advice.

Create free animated mockups, videos,...


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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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